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Information (A)
Ministries 宣教事工
  • Urban Mission 城市宣教

  • Small Town Mission 小城宣教

  • Overseas Mission 海外宣教

  • Literature Mission 文字宣教

Information (B)
Urban Mission - CCM Centres 城市宣教 - 中信中心

​CCM Canada has set up CCM Centres in Greater Vancouver (Burnaby and Richmond), Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. Our goal is to serve our local communities and Christians, and proclaim the Gospel of Christ through holistic care. 
CCM Centre Mission Statement is:
Bring the church to the people, and then bring the people back to the church.” 
Through the services of the centres, we put the Gospel of Christ into actions. We provide various services for children, youth, adults, seniors and immigrants, regardless of their gender and language. These services focus on education, community care, recreation and spiritual gr
owth, with slight differences among the centres depending on the needs of their local communities.


Information (C)
Overseas Mission 海外宣教

The main goals of CCM Canada Oversea Missions Ministry are to recruit and send missionaries to proclaim the Gospel and plant churches at Chinese communities overseas. If you are willing to join us in serving with the missionaries on the fields and in understanding more about missions, please contact us.
Requirement: Agree with the visions of CCM Canada Ministry, willing to serve together with the missionaries.


Information (D)
Small Town Mission 小城宣教

Small Town Mission Team Coordinators from BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, regularly send out visitation teams to visit Chinese living in small towns, and to bring Christian faith, love, and care to them. We also build up local believers through testimonies, love, and Bible teachings.

各省聯絡人/區代表 - 卑詩省,亞省,安省,魁省定期差派探訪隊,探訪散居加國小鎮的僑胞,將基督的信仰、神的愛及關懷給他們。在適當機會下,與他們分享信仰,用愛心和聖經的說話栽培他們, 忠心跟隨主。

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