English Worship May 23 rd 11:30 am
Sermon: United to God
Scripture: Romans 6:1-14
Speaker: Mark Wong


Church News

● Baptism and Membership Transfer
o If you are interested in joining CCCC, please apply for baptism and membership transfer by the
end of May. For details, please contact Mark Wong.

● Department Coordinators Meeting
o Will be held online on Tuesday, May 25 th at 7:30 pm. Please pray for their meeting.
● Children Department
o DB approved in the May meeting that the Children Department will be overseen by English
● Church Office
o Will be closed on May 24 th -25 th (Mon-Tue) for Victoria Day Holiday.

Church Ministries News

● Children Fellowship
○ If you know families that have children between the ages of 6 - 12, they are welcome to come
and join the Children Fellowship on Saturdays at 2:00 pm

● Young Adult Small Group
○ Our next fellowship will be on Friday, May 28 th at 8:00 pm. We will be focusing on apologetics.
Come join us on ZOOM.
● E.M. Adult Sunday School
○ We are excited to launch our next course, “Parables of Jesus” on June 6th.
● English Adult Bible Study Fellowship
○ We meet every Monday from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. We are studying the book of Genesis.

Sermon Reflection Questions:

Coquitlam Christ Church of China
1933 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam, BC V3J 3R2

Tel (604) 931-2311

2021 Theme: REBUILD - Gospel
1. What difference does dying with Christ make to your sense of identity?
2. Do you truly believe that you don’t have to sin? What difference does/would it make?
3. In what area of your life is sin fighting particularly hard at the moment?

Prayer Items
Let us never cease to pray for the following groups of people as the number of COVID cases continues to rise:
- Health Care Profession brothers and sisters
- Educational Profession brothers and sisters
- Service Industries brothers and sisters
Re-Opening Committee
● May we ask for your prayers for this committee which consists of Pat Fung, Raymond Chan,
Jeffery/Leslie Chan, Doris Ching, Lawrence Hui, William, Mark Wong, and Rev. Choi
● The role of this committee is to assess different stages that may lead towards safe and regulated church
re-opening strategies.
Praying for the church’s fellowships and Sunday Schools

● Even though we are still in the midst of a pandemic, the fellowship of saints does not stop. Please
remember these fellowships and Sunday Schools that are actively meeting online:

○ Enoch Fellowship
○ Joshua Fellowship
○ Paul Fellowship
○ Mandarin Bible Fellowship
○ Young Adult Fellowship
○ English Bible Fellowship
○ Children Fellowship
○ Chinese Ministry Sunday School - 1, 2, & 3
○ English Ministry Sunday School

Praying for the Yeung Family
● Due to work, our brother and sister, Sunny and Salina will be relocating to Banff on May 30 th for a
minimum of 4 weeks. Depending on Sunny’s company and their requirements, the stay at Banff could
extend until October. May the church remember this couple in our prayers.
Praying for India
● The pandemic has brought devastation to many families where hundreds of thousands of people are
dying and over 400,000 people are contracted with the virus on a daily basis.

● Our prayers for the government and medical personnel are needed during this time of crisis. May our
hearts go to those that are suffering in India.
Praying for Vancouver

● The recent rise in violence across the Lower Mainland has put our well-being in harm’s way. As
Christians, we come battling with not the weapons of this world but through the Words of our Lord
Jesus Christ. Our stance for such violence is to fight back with love and not hatred. But more
importantly, we must learn how to display our faith when our hearts are troubled.


Praying for our church leadership

● May we pray for our brother Pat Fung (Deacon Board Chair) and his team during uncertain times that
the guidance and the discernment of the Holy Spirit be with him and the board.
● May we pray for our Chinese Ministry Pastor, Reverend Choi and his wife Jeanne Choi. Together, they
are pouring their utmost time, energy and soul into our church. Brothers and sisters, our prayers for the
pastoral couple are imperatively important as they feed us with the spiritual food that is needed for the
moment of “the kingdom come.”

Praying for our government
● We pray that God will continue to guide and lead those that are in the decision-making positions. We
especially ask that the Holy Spirit will speak to them in handling the next stage of the pandemic.


Coquitlam Christ Church of China